Tourmalated Quartz Tower


Tourmalated Quartz is a combination of Black Tourmaline & Clear Quartz. It's powerful nature creates a strong protective and healing energy.

Black Tourmaline: Protection ∙ Grounding ∙ Purification
Black Tourmaline aka your personal bodyguard. Tourmaline is one of the most protective crystals you'll find. It has potent grounding properties, and it purifies the aura by removing negative energy. It can help to bring a sense of safety into your life, aids in relief of trauma and helps to prevent nightmares.

Clear Quartz: Healing∙ Clarity ∙ Energy
Known for being the master healing crystal, Clear Quartz holds immensely powerful healing and protective properties. Its versatile nature supports all kinds of healing, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It boosts your energy, protects the auric field, and provides clarity in situations where you are having trouble discerning what is in your best interest. Containing the ability to amplify the energy of other crystals and increase their effects, Clear Quartz is a staple in your crystal collection. 

Crystals with Love & Intention: We intuitively choose your crystal and as we pack your order we lovingly cleanse your items and set them with the intention of being for your highest good.

Height: 18.5cm

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